The Page That Never Looks The Same

(or very rarely)

Welcome to The Page That Never Looks The Same!

It’s a project I started to improve my front-end development skills. It’s created with creative usage of JavaScript and CSS to generate unique looks with every page refresh. The goal is to create a page that looks good and unique every time you visit it. Right now, it’s quite simple but I’m going to add more features in the future, so stay tuned!

But how it works?

There are some pre-defined CSS files for every part of the page that are chosen randomly with JS script. Some of the CSS properties are defined using CSS variables. Eventually I want to use only CSS variables to avoid creating hundreds of separate CSS files.

Colors for the page are 100% random. I created three color scheme generators for monochromatic, analogous and complementary color palettes. One of them is chosen by JS and then matching HSL colors are found. There are of course some restrictions to preserve the clarity of the content. You can check out the generators here.

Get in touch!

Do you like my ideas or want to give me some suggestions? Don’t hesitate to leave me a message here. If you want to hear more about this project, follow The Page That Never Looks The Same on Facebook or connect with me on LinkedIn.